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The Dam Ranch

1356 Dam Rd, Bradenton, FL 34212, USA

(941) 685-2516

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You've  reached Steve & Kathy 
   We are a local ranch on the west coast of Florida.  We may be a little old fashion but we believe that you should have a choice of what you would like to feed your family.  As a hard working couple just like you and everyone else we are unhappy with the quality of meat and the amount of money we have to pay for it at the local grocery store. 
     like most ranches in the United States we raised our cattle primarily to go to the market where they would be purchased by larger meat companies,where they would process them for large meat chains.  We always kept a steer out for our own freezer for us and our family.  The steer we kept for our family was raised all natural unlike the large meat companies.  We use no steroids, implants or growth hormones, we do it the old fashion way. We had loads of requests from friends, neighbors and even strangers that have heard about us. They were all wanting a better choice of how they fed their family.
    We found that most people did not have enough freezer space or money to purchase a whole cow..that's how the co-op started. 
    You do have a choice whether you buy your meat from the chain stores and have no idea what was put in it or how it was raised or you can feed your family our way.....the old fashioned way....all natural, wholesome and delicious. 

Thank you, Steve & Kathy - The Dam Ranch

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